Coaching Philosophy

Coaching Philosophy

Why Rocket Science Coaching is different

Rocket Science Coaching provides coaching services tailored to meet your specific needs. Every athlete is different. Your goals, your current fitness, and your daily schedule are all unique to you, and your coaching should reflect that.

Rocket Science Coaching addresses both form and fitness. Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, both are important for improvement and injury avoidance. Rocket Science Coaching uses one-on-one sessions and video analysis to evaluate biomechanical form and then factor it into workouts structured just for you. Rocket Science Coaching also teaches “why” so that you have a better understanding of your own training and can be more effective at achieving your personal goals.

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Personalized coaching services for cycling, running, swimming, and multisports (triathlon, duathlon, etc.) include

Individualized training plans
Video analysis
Performance benchmark testing and data analysis
Run gait analysis
Swim stroke analysis
Heart rate-based training
Power-based training
Race strategy, including fueling and hydration
One-on-one coaching
Group coaching
Clinics: bike handling, running efficiency, swimming (pool or open water)



What people are saying about Rocket Science Coaching

I met Coach Becky just about 4 years ago. As I completed my second triathlon something inside was telling me that there was a lot more to the sport of triathlon, and I should seek guidance from someone who knew what they were she was doing. I clearly recall my first conversation with Coach Becky. Her calm voice questioning me about what I was looking to get out of having coach, and questioning if I had specific races or distances in mind. I had no idea! The only thing I knew was I REALLY like triathlon. Coach Becky took it upon her self to get to know who I am as an individual, not just my swim, bike, run mechanics and metrics. She has never made me feel like just another statistic or confused me with another client. We have a personal and honest relationship, which is very important. My workouts are unique; they are thoughtfully crafted to include core and strengthening to help keep me injury free. Coach Becky adapts my training plans to fit my work schedule. When I have questions, Coach Becky is quick to respond. She is skilled in phrasing feedback constructively as to not discourage. She is not afraid to remind me that I need to do special things for my better half or that I need to take a rest day. Her positive energy shows she genuinely enjoys getting to know and working with her clients to help them become as successful as they can be. Hey, she helped me get to the Worlds this year! I always say: “this happened because of you Coach Becky” her response every time is, “NO, you did it!” - CM /**/ Working with Becky has enabled me to achieve so much more than those coveted PR's in running everything from 10Ks to the marathon. With her guidance, I've dramatically improved my form, fitness, speed, nutrition, strength, and race savvy. But perhaps more important, she is teaching this 50-something runner that confidence, joy, and crazy-thrilling goals are all gloriously within my reach. - B.K. /**/ I had the good fortune to have Becky coach me for the Ironman at Lake Placid. I had tried once before to complete this race without success. Becky analyzed my performance in each of the disciplines and made many constructive and helpful suggestions. She created a training regimen that suited my life, and developed a detailed nutritional plan. She often trained with me. I finished my first Ironman at age 53. The best part of training with Becky though, is Becky. She is kind, friendly, fun, and very talented. She is literally a rocket scientist! She will be personally invested in every aspect of your training. You cannot find a better coach. - D.P. /**/ I began working with Becky this spring. To say that I am enjoying a trajectory that I had only hoped to find at this juncture is quite understated. Previously, my training was haphazard and hinged on what hurt least. I learned through mistakes. With Becky, I have a platform. I have intent. She is savvy in the latest training, with a discerning eye for body mechanics. My perpetually injured hamstrings are history. Becky targets specific needs to utilize my training efficiently. I swim faster than I ever thought I could- period. My run is light and comfortable, and I actually look forward to it. My mechanics are improving and the splits speak for themselves. I just finished a Half with Personal Bests in all three disciplines on the same day! Paced straight through to the final mile, with a hydration and nutrition plan that finally worked. And yes, Becky was at the finish line, which meant a lot! Becky has a warm, friendly, family vibe that makes me feel like my success matters as much to her as it does to me. - S.W. /**/ I got great results with Becky! And really benefited from her comprehensive approach to training the "whole rider," legs, core, and arms too. However many clients she has, I felt like she was working with me as an individual by providing tailored workouts, answering my questions, and dealing with my changing circumstances due to work, family obligations, or unforeseen setbacks. I highly recommend Becky as a coach, whether in-person or via email. I'm a few hundred miles away, but that didn't affect my training or our communication. - A.S. /**/ I appreciate the fact that Coach “B” gives my training plans the same consideration as the plans that she’s making for her clients that are well above my capabilities. She is in tune with her clients – she knows that life still goes on and can sometimes get in the way of training plans. She knows when I need to be pushed but she also hears when I need to back off. She has helped me to love the sport again after a 7 year hiatus – I truly love training – she makes it FUN! - M.M. /**/ Becky's approach to coaching is highly individualized, progressive, and data-driven. She uses feedback from workout data, as well as frequent contact and communication with the athlete, to constantly optimize each athlete's personalized training plan based on one's specific goals and capabilities. Becky is a champion of proper form, injury prevention, and periodization with sufficient rest. Becky's methodology is holistic in that she cares deeply about her clients, and takes an interest in them as complete human beings, with full lives and obligations external to triathlon. - D.B.



Coach Becky

Rocket Science Coach Becky Bryant is a USA Cycling Level 2 Certified Coach and a USA Triathlon Certified Coach and Official with over 20 years of experience. She swam competitively, bicycled and ran for most of her life, and she is still a competitive athlete. She coaches the UConn Triathlon Team and was selected as the Northeast Collegiate Triathlon Conference Coach of the Year in 2016. Becky has coached athletes who are brand new to endurance sports and experienced athletes who are participating in National and World Championships.

Her own athletic and coaching experiences help her relate to the athletes she coaches and the challenges they face in fitting training into their busy schedules. Becky is, actually, a rocket scientist, with a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering. Her analytical skills help in developing training plans, making sense of data, tracking progress, and identifying areas of focus. Contrary to how many people think of the stereotypical engineer, Becky loves working with people! She is also blessed with a wonderful husband and twin daughters (and a dog, two chinchillas and a fish).

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